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Cerys Roberts grew up watching her mother gardening and keeping the house well-kept. They lived in a house with a rather large garden and her mother loved plants. She used to grow roses, daisies, bamboo plants, and trees.

Cerys loved to watch her mother spend so much time with the plants to make them grow healthy and beautiful.

Little by little, Cerys joined her mother in learning the trade. Her father brought them fertilizer, soil, and everything they needed to keep the garden alive. She learnt from her father about products and from her mother about daily care.

Growing up, she decided to start a small garden service company. Since her business thrived, she went on to include more services such as painting, home maintenance, and roof cleaning.

People trusted Cerys’ excellent work and they were able to turn the business into the family’s bread and butter.

Cerys decided to create this website so that more people from the city, the country, and the world can be aware of her services. At the same time, she shares all the secrets that her mom taught her to keep gardens beautiful and well cared for.

Nowadays it is not easy to keep them beautiful due to daily stress and so much responsibilities. But there’s no doubt that by spending 5 minutes a day with Cerys’ advice, you can make your garden the prettiest on the block.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just moved in alone for the first time and have never had experience keeping a home clean. With Adelaide Painting Maintenance, your worries about making your home a cleaner and more harmonious place are over.

If you are already experienced, the advice you will read here can be complemented with your own.