A house is just like a living thing since it fulfils many tasks, but it also has needs. If you want to save some money on emergencies, be sure to take care of your home regularly. Although some tasks require a specialist, there are many home maintenance chores that everyone can do all year long.

Monthly Chores to Improve Your Home

Home maintenance is an all-year-round job, but if you do a few chores every month, your home will remain functional making upkeep work easy. Since safety is first, make sure to keep an eye on the carbon monoxide levels and smoke detectors, the gauges of the fire extinguishers, and the circuit interrupters.

As they are vital, remain vigilant of all your services. Pay special attention to tasks like cleaning the furnace filters, checking the water softener, unclogging the sink drains, and removing sediment from water heaters and showerheads.

Winter Work

This season is about doing damage control chores, as the freezing weather would not allow you to do extensive tasks. Check the gutters for ice barriers, the roof for unexpected damage, the basement to avoid interior flooding and the electrical components that are exposed outside the house.

Spring Essentials

The roof is important and thus you should start by draining the gutters, cleaning skylights, and checking the shingles and the vents.

Summer Chores

While other seasons seem easy, summer is the moment for intensive work. Unless you had a good year, there are going to be some repairs that you need to do. If you’re on summer vacation, remember basic household tasks.

Get to cleaning the garbage disposal, applying a sealant to wooden fences, checking for water leaks, and oiling all the door hinges.

Autumn Activities

Clean your chimney, uninstall all the A.C units and call someone to check your faucet’s performance since this season is about being ready for the winter.

Make sure you stay on top of all these tasks during each season to make your home a nicer place. Remember that if you take care of your home, your home will take care of you.

yearly home maintenance checklist 5591950e04796 w1500 - Home Maintenance Checklist People Can Use All Year Long

Home Maintenance Checklist People Can Use All Year Long