Those of you who enjoy casino games to no end may have thought about having your own mini-casino at home and this is your lucky day. Leave your roulette game for later, since we are bringing you the perfect guide to design your own Vegas-style home gaming room.


We can all agree that the first thing that everybody thinks when they hear Las Vegas, is the flashing lights. You can even see them in the entertaining mobile casino games, and you can create the casino-look by adding the right kind of lights but without exaggerating.

If you want your gaming room to look like a real casino, you must get three kinds of special lights. Combine neon lights, bell lights, and tape lights. A neon sign on the wall is enough to set the scene.

You’ll also need to add some tape light to the edge of the tables, around the doorframe, on the counter of the bar, or wherever you like.

Interior Decoration

What happens in the Vegas gaming room stays in the Vegas gaming room, but before getting into that, you’ll need the right furniture. Since you can’t have a casino without a bar, you’ll want to install a little counter with a few chrome stools. If you want that casino atmosphere, you must understand that more is always better.

More lights, more Elvis Presley posters, more glass pedestal tables. When you think it is enough, you add a little more, since this is the essence of casinos. It may take some time, but with perseverance, you can include the best Vegas-themed details like a karaoke machine, a fancy carpet, and many other items.

Casino Games

We got to the most important part, as it is time to talk about the games you should have in your casino-style gaming room. If you want to make it look awesome, you have to know your financial possibilities and space limitations.

You can try to check online or try your luck at garage sales but remember that even a worn-out table can be turned into a fancy Vegas-style Blackjack table.

Use your intelligence to save some money, as in these kinds of projects recycling is key. For example, if you want a roulette table, you can use an old pool table with some do it yourself ornaments and the wheel that you can purchase online.

We’re sure that you know what Vegas-style is, as you have probably seen it for yourself or in sites like Playamo casino. Since decorations go from the lights to the actual games, you’ll need to create a budget first, but don’t worry if you can’t afford everything right now.

This is your project and you can take your time to add details little by little.

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Vegas-Style Home Gaming Room – The Ultimate Home Renovation Guide